Acceptable Use Policy


The following rules apply to anyone using this server.

1) Play Nice....this means no hacking attempts, no foul language, no demeaning others or their lifestyles.

2) Anyone accessing this server for illegal purposes WILL BE reported to the authorities for action as they deem necessary.

3) The operator of this server will not be responsible for any lose, damage or anything else that happens to you while you are using this server. This server is free and that means you get what you pay for.

4) Anyone attempting to use this server for spamming be for-warned....


Hindle.Netis absolutely against any sort of illegal activity on the internet. This includes trading copyrighted material(s). If you are caught trading files containing copyrighted materials, you will be reported to the copyright holder if possible as well as any other party authorized to act on the copyright holders behalfand the authorities. Keep it legal, keep it fun, keep it nice, keep it family oriented.

If you wouldn't say it in church to the preacher then don't say it here.

Jerry Hindle 1995 - 2014